Propipe is a private company established in 2002 to supply specialised product and services for pipeline operators of  oil, gas  and petrochemical derivative products. Our aim is to offer the highest standards of customer service and total quality processes that our customers require from our services and our products.

Propipe started to develop commercial activities in the Mediterranean region countries. Building on the initial success, today we have reached a global dimension and extended our capabilities covering the entire world with our operations.

Propipe has three divisions:

LineStop Animation Video                                            Watch on

This Video shows how to insert a valve on a active line without shut-down the service


The world's growing demand for oil and natural gas delivery drives us to constantly improve the way the world's pipeline products and services are conceived and constructed. Propipe at the forefront of the Hottap and LineStop industry as a diversified engineering and service company  with unmatched experience, critical expertise, innovative solutions, care for the safety of our people and the environment, and the right equipment to get the job done every time

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