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An Anchor Flange is a device installed on a pipeline to combat axial movements. Once it's welded to the pipeline, the anchor flange is commonly anchored into a concrete foundation. Typically placed onto a section of pipeline as it makes a turn or is at a bridge crossing, the anchor flange is used to prevent the pipeline from moving.


An Anchor Flange is an important element in many thrust-control systems, especially those protecting pipeline pumping stations. Welded into the line and encased in concrete, it immobilizes the pipe at predetermined locations and transfer built-up stresses to external structures. For example, in cross-country pipelines end forces of considerable magnitude are generated by internal pressure and temperature change. Unless these forces are properly controlled, they can damage pumps, valves and other close-tolerance equipment.


Anchor Flanges may be used to secure subsea piping and risers to platform.


Anchor Flanges are an integral pressure retaining component of the pipeline and are therefore supplied with weld end bevels to match the pipeline wall thickness.

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Pipeline OD

Pipeline wall thickness

Material grade

Design code and design factor

Design pressure

Corrosion allowance

Maximum axial load

Allowable bearing stress of the supporting foundation.



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