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Cladding is no stranger to the oil and gas industry. For years it has been one of the most widely used approaches to mitigate corrosion in subsea valves, tubulars, and other subsea components above the wellbore.


Though numerous cladding methods have evolved and swapped places as the industry favorites, all operate on the same basic principle of fusing corrosion resistant alloy to carbon steel.


Now that all the "easy oil" has been extracted, offshore operations will become more important to meet the world's energy needs, and with that never-ceasing demand comes the need for cladding. The oil and gas sector demand has increasingly grown for clad products that are produced quickly, and most important , of extremely high quality. In this playing field, our sound experience plays a vital role.


AEG/APP Cladding Division is equipped with fully automated system for weld cladding pipeline components and oil field equipment. We can handle cladding from 0 2" to 0 56" components. We have the right experience to provide cost effective solutions for the Oil & Gas Industries.


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