Cutters & Drills

- Sealing Elements (Cups) and LineStop Heads for:

- Sizes:  2" to 56"

- Design Pressure: upto 1480 PSI

- Material:  Buna-Nitrile-Viton and other polymers available.

- Supplied ready drilled and ground to size or drilled and unground depending upon customers requirement.

- Reinforced for high pressure applications.

- When ordering please state pipe inside diameter, contents and operating pressure

Storage Instructions:

- Sealing Elements are to be stored horizontally on a flat surface.  Cylindrical spacers may be used to stack the elements vertically providing they are located centrally on the backing section of the Sealing Element.

- Sealing Elements are to be stored in a well ventilated dark area.

- The normal temperature range for storage is between 10oC to 30oC.

- The maximum service temperature is 120oC

- Sealing Elements are not recommended for storage or service with chlorinated solvents, strong oxidising chemicals or fuels, and solvents having a high aromatic content.

- The side surfaces of the Sealing Element are not to be subjected to external loading which may cause deformation.

- Shelf Life:  2 - 5 years if stored correctly.