What we do

Propipe Holding Group has been established in 1998 and currently is active in more tan 55 countries.

The world’s growing demand for oil and natural gas delivery drives us to constantly improve the way the world’s pipeline products and services are conceived and constructed.

Our 3 Divisions

Propipe CNC and Propipe Engineering are two companies at the forefront of the Hottap and LineStop industry as a diversified engineering and service company with unmatched experience, critical expertise, innovative solutions, care for the safety of our people and the environment, and the right equipment to get the job done every time.

Propipe Special Chemicals, is offering solution to oil, finished products or water pipeline operators to improving the flow or protecting the system against corrosion.

Propipe FZE has been established in United Arab Emirates as an independent company to offer consultancy, engineering and distribution service to our key clients in order to submit competitive solution.

LineStop Animation Video 

This Video shows how to insert a valve on a active line without shut-down the service


Propipe, SL was established as a trader company. The capital was 100% private.

Propipe, SL
was established as a trader company. The capital was 100% private.

Propipe starts working in middle east’s oil and gas market.

Propipe FZE, An independent company established in United Arab Emirates for Middle East market.

The company develops the hottap & Linestop business line based on own engineering and construction knowledge.

Increase of Activity in South America getting contract from Mexico, Brazil, Colombia and Ecuador.

The Company acquires a cnc machining shop and open a new division, Propipe-CNC to control the manufacturing of our products from the begging to the end of process.

Propipe Special Chemicals, SL
focused in the activity of distribution of Drag Reducer Agents (DRA) and other Special Chemicals for oil wells and pipeline operators.

US-Propipe, LLC
has been established to cover the American Market. We are looking to serve our American Clients locally from Houston, TX.

Some of Our Clients