Ø24″ x Ø20″ 300# Launcher & Receiver Trap, Trollies and Cranes designed and manufactured for Angola Gas Company, Sonangol.

Propipe, a company specializing in the design, calculation, and manufacturing of pipeline equipment, has provided services to Angola’s gas company Sonagol in Soyo for their LNG plant. Specifically, Propipe has designed, calculated, and manufactured Ø24″ x Ø20″ 300# Launcher & Receiver Trap, which are used to launch and receive pigs (pipeline inspection and cleaning tools) for maintenance purposes. Additionally, they have provided trolleys and cranes to support the transportation and handling of pigs. 

Launcher & Receiver on skids and ready for painting

Inspection during pressure test.

Pig Signallers detect the pig when this passes thru the pipe

Manufacturing process

Manufacturing process

Pressure test, X 1.5 according to ASME

Manufacturing of trollies and cranes. Baskets ready on the floor.

Trolly under manufacturing

Launcher and Receiver Traps ready for painting