In a major development, Propipe, a leading provider of pipeline maintenance solutions, has successfully delivered complete Hottap and Linestop Equipment for a high-pressure transmission pipeline in central Europe. The PTM-5108 tapping machine covers a range from 12″ to 42″ with a pressure rating of 102 bars.

In addition to the equipment delivery, Propipe also conducted a technical training course for the client’s staff on the proper use of Hottap machines and Linestop actuators. This training will enable the client’s staff to efficiently and safely perform maintenance work on the pipeline without disrupting the flow of the product.

The Hottap and Linestop Equipment are essential tools for maintaining pipelines without shutting down the entire system. Hottap machines allow for the installation of branch connections on live pipelines, while Linestop actuators enable the creation of temporary valves to isolate sections of the pipeline for maintenance or repair.

Propipe’s successful delivery of these critical tools and training highlights their commitment to providing top-quality pipeline maintenance solutions to their clients. The company is pleased to have been chosen by the East European client and looks forward to continuing to provide exceptional service to their clients in the region and beyond.

PTM-5108 Hydraulic Tapping Machine, a powerful and versatile tool designed to cover a wide range of pipeline maintenance needs. With the ability to tap pipelines ranging from 12″ to 42″ and withstand pressures up to 102 bars, the PTM-5108 is an essential addition to any pipeline maintenance toolkit

During a recent test conducted at Propipe’s facilities in Madrid, a 21″ LineStop head underwent a motion test by a Actuator Hydraulic III in the presence of both third-party inspectors and the final client. This rigorous testing process ensured that the LineStop head met all required standards and specifications

In a bid to promote and foster the development of young talent in the pipeline maintenance industry, Propipe recently conducted a comprehensive training program for a group of aspiring technicians. The training program was designed to equip these future professionals with the necessary skills and knowledge to work with Propipe’s advanced equipment, including Hottap and Linestop technologies.

The program covered a wide range of topics, including pipeline maintenance techniques, equipment operation, and safety protocols. Through hands-on training and real-world simulations, the participants were able to gain practical experience and develop a deep understanding of the technology and procedures involved in pipeline maintenance.

Propipe is committed to being a technological partner to its clients around the world, and this includes providing the necessary training and support to ensure that their staff can operate the company’s equipment safely and effectively. As such, Propipe will continue to offer comprehensive training programs and support services to its clients, as well as investing in the development of the next generation of pipeline maintenance technicians.