We manufacture Cutters and drills for Ø1" to Ø100" pipelines, Tapping Machines Brands and applications:

* Standard, LineStop, Tank or Angle Cutters,

* Special Drills for recovering Coupons  of Angle  and Tank Hot-taps

*100% Compatible with others Brands.

Cutter Test:

HoleSaw 2" cutting,    Pipe Diameter: 4"

Material: stainless steel   Wall Thickness: 3 mm   RPM: 90

Manufacturing of 14" Angle Hottap Cutter.

These kind of Cutter should be manufactured in one piece without any welding.

Our experience is a guarantee of good manufacturing.

Multi Wire Drills

For sizes, larger the 36", ask for dimensions and weight to our commercial Dpt. or distributors.

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