Drag Reducer Agent (DRA)

DRA benefits flow to the bottom line


ProFlo flow improvers have reduced drag up to 80% and have increased flow up to 100% and the results were immediate. Performance depends largely on the properties of the fluid being transported and the condition of the pipeline.

Drag Reducers can bring substantial improvement to your bottom-line profit by maximizing the flow potential and throughput capacity of your pipelines, saving energy, and giving your operations greater flexibility.


100 Bar

40 Bar

Turbulent Flow

Streamlined Flow

How much DRA is needed?


Highly efficient ProFlo flow improvers are used in very small concentrations (parts per million). The dosage that will optimize flow in a pipeline is dependent on a number of factors, including petroleum composition and viscosity, pipeline diameter and condition, fluid velocity, and temperature. The typical cost to use our Drag Reducer is pennies per barrel per pipeline segment.

Propipe specialists will work with you to determine the best solution based upon your particular situation and objectives. Propipe ensures optimization of each application by:

  · Predicting ProFlo product performance

  · Thoroughly evaluating your pipeline system and operating objectives

  · Conducting field trials to confirm efficiency estimates

  · Assisting with equipment installation and commissioning

A field trial is required to determine the precise Drag Reducer dosage to optimize a specific flow-improvement.


Preparation of DRA using an air compressor hose




Propipe ProFlo-X101 is a slurry composed of long chain poly alpha olefin in vegetable oil.




· Appearance:


· Physical State:


· Odor:


· Water Content (Wt. %):


· Specific Gravity:


· Vapor Density (Air = 1):


· Vapor Pressure:


· Boiling Point:


 · Melting Point:


· Flash Point:


· Solubility:


· % Volatiles by Weight @ 70F (21C):

 White free flowing liquid


 Polymer suspension


 Slight hydrocarbon








97 @ 20C (68F)


147F (64.5C)


-4F (-20C)


 >142F (61C) TCC


Hydrocarbon soluble, water insoluble


<1 %

Data Sheet





ProFlo-X101 may be injected into pipelines by means of positive displacement pumps.

ProFlo-X101 can be used in either crude or finished products pipelines. The use rate may vary and should always be used in accordance to the feed rate recommended by Propipe



ProFlo-X101 is a non-hazardous material and can be shipped accordingly. The product is very slippery and spills should be cleaned up immediately to avoid potential injury. Product should be kept in covered areas, with no exposure to direct sunlight.




ProFlo-X410 is a slurry composed of long chain poly-alpha-olefin in an liquid carrier (water/glycol), designed for cold weather applications.



Data Sheet




· Appearance:


· Physical State:


· Odor:


· Specific Gravity:


· Boiling Point:


· Freezing Point:


· Flash Point:


· Operating Range:


· Solubility:


· Carrier:

Cream to white, free flowing




Slight hydrocarbon


0.95 - 0.99


> 100C




Not Applicable


-40C to 60C


Miscible in Hydrocarbons


Water/Glycol mix


ProFlo-X410 is utilized in crude oil pipelines to decrease operating pressure and increase pipeline flow rate.  ProFlo-X410 is injected via industry standard chemical injection systems recommended and designed by Propipe. Consultation with a Propipe representative is recommended to ensure the proper Propipe solution.



ProFlo-X410 is a non-hazardous material and can be shipped accordingly. Product should be kept in covered areas, without exposure to direct sunlight. ProFlo-X410 should be homogeneously mixed before injection.




ProFlo-X220  is a synthetic high molecular weight polyelectrolyte based on polyacrylamide and supplied in easy-to-handle liquid emulsion form. It is a highly efficient friction reducer when used in water-based fracturing fluids and is capable of reducing pressure losses due to friction by amounts in excess of 70%.



Data Sheet







· Form:


· Ionic Character:


· Charge Density:


. Modular Weight


· Specific Gravity:


· Average Non-Volatile Solids (%):


· Bulk Viscosity (cps):


· Maximum Use Concentration:


· Stability of DI Solution:


· Approx. Viscosity @ g/l (cps):


· Storage temperature (C):


. Shelf life (Months):

Viscous Liquid




















0 - 35



Packing Size:


Plastic pails           25 Kg


Drums                    225 Kg


I.B.C.                        1050 Kg


Other Dimensions on Request



ProFlo-X220 has been specially optimized for use in hydraulic fracturing operations which utilize     either light or heavy brines containing predominantly monovalent cationic species in addition to high levels of chlorides, as the frac fluids. ProFlo-X220 has been designed to hydrate rapidly and may be added as supplied ‘on-the-fly’ by direct addition to the fracturing fluid. When the products are added to a region of high shear, the hydration of the polymer occurs almost instantaneously, providing optimal performance.



0.25 to 2.0 gallons per 1000 gallons of frac fluid



ProFlo-X220 friction reducer is compatible with all anionic and nonionic additives, such as surfactants or scale inhibitors, that may be present in the frac fluid.



ProFlo-X220 is a non-hazardous material and can be shipped accordingly. Product should be kept in covered areas, without exposure to direct sunlight.


Injection Skids

Injection metering pump systems can be configured for any ProFlo pipeline application.


  · Onshore or offshore

  · At pressures to 2,500 psi

  · At volumes to 1,500 gallons per day

  · Fully compliant with international standards

  · Explosion proof, Division 1 or 2

  · For 190/380 VAC – 50 Hz or 240/480 VAC – 60 Hz
























Dosage is metered by an onboard programmable logic controller that can be set and adjusted locally or remotely. The controller also operates the spare pump that is included with each system for 100% backup capacity.

Special equipment designs are no problem. All units are pre-wired and thoroughly tested to ensure faultless startup and operation.

Propipe customizes skids to the size and level of automation that suit your requirements.



A totally redundant PLC-operated injection system can be controlled remotely or locally


Injection Point

The injection point should be located after launcher & Receiver Traps as the product can not go thru bends or partial open valves.


Instruction to install the injection point:


 1. Install a 2" propipe Thread-O-Ring Fitting at desired ProFlo injection location,

 2. Tapping the pipeline to an opening diameter of 1-½“ or 2” by a Series 1000 TM.

 3. Withdraw insertion device. Close 2" block valve. Remove insertion tool.

 4. Connect back flow check valve. Connect ProFlo supply piping.


To contract Hottap fittings or operations contact propipe Hottap division.

Injection Point

T.O.R Fitting

Propipe TM 1000

IBC Tote

Mamor tote is an UN IBC which features a lock-collar butterfly valve with NPT threads assembled on a steel pallet. Mamor stacks up to three high in the warehouse and up to two high transporting.


Prevents oxygen and other gases from penetrating

Highly effective in preventing the emission of solvents

Protects the environment from constituent migration

Significantly minimised contamination of inner bottle

Certified for use in ex-zones 1 and 2

Additional protection against light and UV radiation (optional)


Normal Capacity

Normal Length

Normal Width

Normal Height

Approx. Tare Weight

Max Gross Weight

Design Code

275 gallon (1,040 L)

40" (1,000 mm)

48" (1,200 mm)

45.8" (1,143 mm)

137 Lbs (62 Kg)

4,490 Lbs (2,037 Kg)

UN marking certifies

UN31HA1 design

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