Successful Subsea Hottap Operation Conducted by Tecnosub and Propipe hottap machine.

In a remarkable feat of engineering prowess, Tecnosub, one of the leading innovators in subsea technology, has completed a groundbreaking 14″ subsea hottap on a 24″ oil discharge pipe off the shores of Peru in the Pacific Ocean.

The operation, which took place in challenging underwater conditions, underscores Tecnosub’s expertise and Propipe in designing and manufacturing machinery capable of functioning flawlessly in saltwater environments. The specialized equipment, meticulously crafted for subsea applications, demonstrated exceptional performance throughout the operation.

Despite the complexities involved, the hottap procedure was executed with precision, marking a significant milestone in subsea engineering. The successful completion of the task not only showcases Propipe’s commitment to excellence but also highlights the company’s dedication to advancing technological boundaries in the field of underwater interventions.

Following the triumphant execution of the operation, the machinery is now being transported back to Propipe’s workshop for maintenance and further conditioning, ensuring its readiness for future endeavours.

Stay tuned for more updates as Propipe continues to push the boundaries of subsea technology, setting new standards for excellence in the industry.

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