Slim Valves are manufactured according to the European and American codes and standards.

We manufacture them as:

Sizes: 2" to 56"

Rating: 150#, 300#, 600# and 900#

design Pressure: up to 2500 PSI

Manual or Hydraulically Operated

100% compatible with Hottap & LineStop equipment Manufacturer

Maximum Operating Temperature  180 ºF – 82 ºC

Test Pressure 1.5 X Design Pressure per ASME

Hydraulic and Functional test under pressure.

High Strength steel (ASTM A 516 Gr 60/URSSA 690/  S355 J2+N)

Nitrile/Viton O rings (under request)

The final dimensions and weight are depending on the quality of base material, we only confirm contractually these information once we receive a firm Purchase Order form client. The general information shown above are not definitive and could vary.

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