Linestop Heads

-The LineStop heads or Pivots are used as a mechanical stoppers. They are introduced by an actuator to stop the flow in the line.  They should be manufactured very close to the ID of pipeline.

We manufacture them for ID from 2" to 56" and for different maximum pressure of operation.

 Sealing Elements

- Sealing Elements (Cups) and LineStop Heads for:

- Sizes:  2" to 56"

- Design Pressure: upto 1480 PSI

- Material:  Buna-Nitrile-Viton and other polymers available.

- Supplied ready drilled and ground to size or drilled and unground depending upon customers requirement.

- Reinforced for high pressure applications.

- When ordering please state pipe inside diameter, contents and operating pressure

Storage Instructions for Sealing Elements:

- Sealing Elements are to be stored horizontally on a flat surface.  Cylindrical spacers may be used to stack the elements vertically providing they are located centrally on the backing section of the Sealing Element.

- Sealing Elements are to be stored in a well ventilated dark area.

- The normal temperature range for storage is between 10oC to 30oC.

- The maximum service temperature is 120oC

- Sealing Elements are not recommended for storage or service with chlorinated solvents, strong oxidising chemicals or fuels, and solvents having a high aromatic content.

- The side surfaces of the Sealing Element are not to be subjected to external loading which may cause deformation.

- Shelf Life:  2 - 5 years if stored correctly.

Ø36" Sealing Element for Gas Pipeline 80 bar

Mold  designed and manufactured by Propipe to produce Sealing Elements.

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