Propipe Hottap Company design and manufacture subsea Hottap Machine for an application in Pacific Ocean. 

Today, following the comprehensive training of client´s technicians and the successful Factory Acceptance Test (FAT) of 16-inch underwater hot tap system at ours facilities in Madrid, The client have taken an innovative step forward. Their team has implemented a novel idea by applying photo luminescent paint to the protective frame of the hydraulic system. This specially formulated paint is suitable for underwater applications, enhancing “Situational Awareness” in conditions where visibility is scarce. The goal is to assist divers in quickly orienting themselves within the system under poor/low visibility conditions.

We conducted the testing within a fully enclosed 20’ container with no any artificial light. The results were clear and promising: the illuminated frame functions akin to an oversized chem light, offering significant visibility improvements…Next step, deploy the system in the Pacific Ocean soon.

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